Using Telegram-cli on Raspberry Pi

On this post I will show you how to install Telegram-cli using a Raspberry Pi 2 model B running Archlinux as well as how to trigger events as turning on an LED, receiving temperature information and taking and receiving a picture using Picamera.

TIC TAC TOE Game using Capacitive touch.

I decided to test and exercise soft touch buttons using the Microchip technology called CTMU (Charge Time Measurement Unit) . There are several applications notes explaining this in details that can be googled or searched at the Microchip webpage for example , see AN-1250.

Use of LPD8806

Most electronic applications require light indication of some sort not to mention the trivial power ON lamp. As single color lamp can bear two states of information. Several small embedded applications, apart from the ON/OFF states used to produce different blinking patterns in order to convey more information to the user. The RGB LEDs are multiplying the information that a single source of light can produce (which can also be increased using blinking patterns).